Xiaomi Mi 6 for 20 thousand rubles wiped his nose iPhone X

Xiaomi Mi 6 was introduced in April last year. Since it’s been 10 months. Today, however, the smartphone did not work worse, on the contrary, the speed of the machine is not inferior to many flagships. But about all under the order.

First I want to note the comparison with the iPhone X. the Smartphone, almost every app has launched faster, and with all the apps continued to run in the background, as in the case of the iPhone X.

Next, I want to compare a device with a OnePlus 5T. Many call 5T the fastest on the market, but if you look at the comparison, it is possible to notice that Mi 6 at almost the speed of work not inferior to 5T. Almost all applications on a 6 Mi run with the same speed.

Of course, Xiaomi Mi 6 today, against the backdrop frameless smartphone looks not so interesting, but let’s look at the cost. Smartphone on AliExpress you can buy for 20 thousand rubles, whereas the 5T is estimated at 29 thousand rubles, and the iPhone X on Tmall you can buy for 68 thousand.

Thus, Mi 6 can be considered as one of the fastest smartphones in the beginning of 2018 while the cheapest flagship on the market that can offer a similar result in the test performance.

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