Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix. What “confirmed” files?


Mix Xiaomi Mi 2S is one of those smartphones, the debut of which users are waiting with impatience and anticipation of innovation. Earlier in the Network already discussed the features of this full-screen device, and now there is a new post about it. It is believed that with the Xiaomi Mi Mix and began to “frameless” trend, which became last year one of the most notable in the industry. What will be the development of one of the most unusual lineups of smartphones?

Company Xiaomi, devices which enjoy great popularity, soon will introduce a new version of its famous smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 — the long awaited Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix. Estimated the technical details have not yet shown to the public phone appeared in appeared in the pages of xda-developers.com “leak”, based on the study of images software files device. More new case was dealt with in the article Aman (Aman) published by androidcrunch.com.

As noted in the pages of XDA, a new device with the code name “polaris” has the technical characteristics to consider include smartphone devices high-end class. Its hardware platform — the latest flagship chipset the Snapdragon 845. The amount of RAM in the smartphone, which have yet to debut, will be 8 gigabytes, which is an impressive feature, even for the flagship 2018. Capacity of built-in storage device, which is believed to date will be shown to the public under the name Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, is 256 gigabytes. This is a great drive even in the modern view of memory characteristics of a mobile device.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?

Some idea of the design of the novelty is created on the basis of the first render-the”leak”. A smartphone showing the images, characterized by a screen occupying almost 100% of the surface of the front panel. It remains only a small space in the upper right corner is a selfie-camera of a mobile device.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?

According to rumors, the main camera of the smartphone in question will be based on the Sony sensor IMX363. And the message is “confirmed” by the software files, although absolute certainty in this and no.

As for the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, according to an existing hypothesis, the display will be high, which is typical for modern full-screen smartphones. The aspect ratio has not yet presented to the public the device is 18:9, which corresponds to 2 (height):1 (width). Earlier, before the proliferation of full-screen devices, the industry’s preferred aspect ratio of 16:9. It is expected that the display, which will equip the new Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, will have FullHD resolution+, which means 2160 x 1080 pixels at an aspect ratio of 18:9.

Nutrition is one of the most interesting smartphones of the near future will be provided by his battery, whose capacity is estimated at 3400 mAh. Operating system under which the new product will work “out of the box”, will be debuted in 2017 8.0 Android Oreo, which is not surprising. We are talking about the premium smartphone. For users, this also means the device will work with Project Treble. So — problems with updates for the new device from Xiaomi will be in the past.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?

In addition, another “leak” — a schematic sketch of the device, which release is expected in the near future, — indicates that the fingerprint scanner will be placed under the surface of the screen that users have seen in the smartphone from another Chinese vendor. It is, of course, talking about Vivo Plus X20 UD, specifics of which were discussed earlier.

It is also expected that the main camera of the device in question, located on its rear panel, will support the functions of artificial intelligence. It is reported that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix will be supported by a detection stage such as those implemented in the Huawei Mate 10.

Many users also will be interested to learn that Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix will be a smartphone with support for two SIM-cards. The clock frequency of the CPU of the device under its Snapdragon chipset 845, is 2.8 GHz. It will be equipped with an infrared sensor and a small led (LED). According to the present today suggested that it will be used to inform the user about an incoming notification. Thus, the “know” about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix is not so little. However, the closer a debut of the novelty is the fact that probably more will appear on new messages in the Network. And in any case it should be remembered that everything “known” about the tablet before its official debut, based only on hearsay and assumptions. This means that during the presentation of the new smartphone some of its features can be confusing for users. Today we are talking only about the new rumors are preceding.

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