Xiaomi leak by wrong image for Redmi with front camera popup


Publishing product manager at Xiaomi company, Mr. Wang Teng a simple picture on a social network of Chinese Weibo is known through some bottles in the room the discussion in the company’s headquarters in the capital of China, Beijing. However, in the background, the monitor phone equipped with a camera popup, and then the photo was deleted from the social network. And, of course, you can’t just click ” Delete ” to remove something from the internet, so check out the device in the background.

In line delivery and subsequent with the previous information that reported that the sub-brand Redmi subsidiary of Xiaomi working on smartphone with a processor Snapdragon 855 featuring a front camera popup. Later, the general manager revealed that the brand’s Chinese subsidiary to the previous images that mimic the incarnation of the flagship phone the next leaders of the company are fake and do not reflect the real design.

However, if the phone that appears in this photo, the deleted fact, it seems that we look to the first phone of Xiaomi company have a front camera popup. Even if it wasn’t phone of Xiaomi company or its brand sub-Redmi, it is certainly not one of the other phones available in the market today, the reason is that the noise-canceling microphone and headphones 3.5 mm front camera pop-up all the elements are in the same place.

Unfortunately, this is most of the information that we extracted from this image, but we expect the flow of more information about the phone that appears in this picture in the near future.


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