Xiaomi launches phone Redmi Go low-cost at the price of $ 90

The latest versions of Xiaomi smartphones low-cost Redmi Go, which applies to the markets at a price of $ 90 as the first Android phone Go from the company.


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The first version of the Shao of Android phones Go provided by the company today in a phone low-cost Redmi Go, with the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo Go, the price of less than $ 100.

Comes Redmi, Go as Android phones Go targeting the areas that do not have good coverage of the internet, since the phone comes with applications pre-installed Google Gmail Go, and YouTube Go, a special versions of applications to provide data and also the storage capacity of the phone.

It also features a phone Redmi Go with a display size of 5 inch a characteristic accurately display 720 pixels, also comes with a camera background accurately 8 mega pixel camera, along with camera front accurately 5 mega pixel camera, and Shawty this version good capacity battery up to 3000 mAh.

This version is supported processor chip Snapdragon 425, with random memory 1 GB RAM and storage capacity of 8 GB, with support for external memory card microSD and is scheduled to be available phone Redmi Go in the markets of Europe soon at a price of 80 euros.


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