Xiaomi in Russia is growing rapidly, but the iPhone still out of competition

The pace of sales iPhone in Russia in the first half of February was lower than that of most budget smartphone manufacturers. It is stated in the report of the Moscow branch of “MegaFon”, a copy of which is available AppleInsider.ru.

According to the company, the leaders in sales of smartphones in the capital’s salons of “MegaFon” in February was Xiaomi, Samsung and Vertex, while Apple ranked only fifth place, losing more and ZTE. The growth of demand for the device Xiaomi rose as much as five times.

On the one hand, such statistics looks like a bad Apple in Russia, but in fact it is not so. First, everyone who occupies a leading place in this rating, realize mainly budget smartphones, with their average cost is between 6 and 15 thousand rubles. At Apple’s most affordable smartphone is now iPhone SE, with buyers mostly prefer flagship models.

Therefore, the share of Apple in Russia on the smartphone market in monetary terms amounts to 43% — it increased by about a third over the past two months. Back in September, the company held approximately 32% of the market. In the pieces the company is losing to Samsung, but still crawls and Huawei/Honor, and Xiaomi.

Representatives of “MegaFon” do you think that such a high growth in demand for budget smartphones are associated with numerous shares on inexpensive devices on the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day and International women’s day.

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