Xiaomi holds the reins in the company Meitu to sell more smart phones that focus on peace


Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of smart phones Meitu about a new strategic partnership with Xiaomi company. These will be the last to obtain a license to use the brand to buy Meitu and its own technologies in its new smart phones. What this means simply is that the phones Meitu new Smart will be manufactured by Xiaomi company will celebrate the company Meitu to work on algorithms and techniques that improve the quality of export note that the company Meitu is famous for applying the power of its own identity, its Smart directed fans to take pictures self.

Will Xiaomi company responsible for the design, research and development, production, sales and marketing, in addition to the business operations of this partnership. This means that they physically move in the company Meitu without having to pay anything. And details about this partnership is that the Xiaomi company will not pay anything upfront for this page.

Will be the company’s only 10 percent of the total profit of each phone Meitu sell it for up to five years, and there’s different minimum has been included in the contract as well. Will Xiaomi company $ 10 million to buy Meitu annually thereafter.

It was a company Meitu already struggling in the smartphone market, which is what makes them under pressure. The company launched a smart phone one this year compared to five smartphones was launched in the year 2017. The company received a net loss ranging between 137 million and $ 173 million this year.

This page with Xiaomi will enable the brand Meitu of living. On this subject, stated the company Meitu, said : ” with this strategic partnership, we can focus our efforts on the development of the next generation of image processing techniques, taking advantage of the situation economic of our company in research and Development, Supply Chain Management and the new frontier for the company in the field of retail “.


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