Xiaomi has admitted that its foldable smartphone is not up to competitors

Foldable smartphone Xiaomi that the President of the company showed the video at the beginning of the year, was not ready to appear before the public as the Huawei Mate and Galaxy X Samsung Fold. Admitted Donovan sung, Director of the Xiaomi’s product. According to him, demonstrated the device though looks fully completed, really needs work before will be shown live and, moreover, will go on General sale.

“With regard to the timing of the launch of [mobile selling], I guess we should wait for the completion of the necessary works for its improvement, says Donovan sung. – No doubt that we are testing a few prototypes to choose the best”.

Foldable smartphone Xiaomi

If sung was sincere in his statement, it appears that the company has not determined the future shape of the smartphone, not to mention the timing of its release. In addition, the top Manager confirmed the information that Xiaomi plans to develop the machine, which obviously needs to first teach him to at least not break down during use, and in the second – to run properly is installed from Google Play software.

Populism Xiaomi

Sung also disproved the view that Xiaomi is preparing to introduce a foldable smartphone in the near future. Demonstrating a prototype of such a device, the company wanted to show its users that is not in place and is working on new form factors, he said. But if it comes to commercial implementation of the concepts is the big question.

In my opinion, if Xiaomi will release its folding smartphone, it is clearly not similar to what the company showed in the video. Her chosen form factor with two mechanisms of folding are extremely impractical. When you consider that even a single folding provokes the appearance on the screen of the smartphones unsightly blemish in the form of a crease, in the case of the Chinese decision such creases will be twice that in theory should increase the risk of premature failure.

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