Xiaomi BlackShark 2 skips the tests of the cross successfully, but it didn’t come out without some scratches

blackshark 2

The newest video from the channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube are centered around games Phone Xiaomi BlackShark 2 Newest from Xiaomi company. Although it is described by many people phone, games low cost, it’s not a phone, low or medium, and it comes with the latest technical specifications available in the market today as it boasts a solid design.

Confirms test scratching to front-end and some parts of the backend are made of glass while the manufacturing section of the Institute. Although some of the parts in this phone are made of metal, it is not easy to scratch, but in the case of and already, the water become very prominent. Yes, the phone buttons are also made of metal.

It is interesting that we find the fingerprint reader located in the screen works without flaws even if the screen is heavily scratched.

To test the crease-final, you can see by the video above that even if the applied pressure is great on the phone, the structure does not bend. Perhaps the fact that it is made entirely of aluminium gives the phone structural integrity better. So despite its relatively low price, proves the Xiaomi phone BlackShark 2 that Worth County senior market.

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