Xiaomi begins the launch of the phone Xiaomi Mi8 at the global level of the gate of France and Russia

Xiaomi Mi8

Was officially announced about the phone Xiaomi Mi8 late last month, was China the first country where this phone is very promising for sale. Although it’s safe to say that the list of other markets where the phone will be launched already known, there is no information about the Launch Date of the phone in these areas.

Well, it turns out that the phone is already available outside of China. According to one of the senior managers in the middle of the users official of the Chinese company, the Xiaomi phone Mi8 will work its way to a small number of markets non-Chinese, including France and Russia.

By taking a look at stores Xiaomi official web in both Russia and France did not discover any traces of the device, which indicates that either available through e-retailer, or through the retailer the actual of the company. The price remains a mystery as well. However, if we assumed that the words of this admin $ is true, we expect to have the phone Xiaomi Mi8 soon be available through the official stores also.

Generally, if you are interested in buying phone Xiaomi Mi8, but you want to know more about the design and specifications of this phone first, visit this article detailed here, there you’ll find everything regarding this phone is very promising, which hopes through his company Xiaomi to compete with the likes of the iPhone X +and Galaxy S9 and LG G7 ThinQ and Huawei P20 Pro and other high-end smartphones.



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