Xiaomi announces the ” biggest party ever“, and will be delivered in New York City on December 8

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Xiaomi like the celebrations it seems, has today announced that it will be the biggest celebration ever in the country’s economic capital of America, New York on December 8. This comes one day after the deadline in the United Kingdom. However, this time there is not any hint about the type of devices that will be displayed.

The phrase ” experience the latest and coolest products Xiaomi ” is wide possibilities, with the knowledge that the Chinese company manufactures everything from heavens down to electric bikes. In fact, these are two things to sell their company in the United States of America through the store Mi.com.

And of course, the famous company Xiaomi phones its smart, and there is no impact on the company’s website in the United States of America, nor is there any official for Xiaomi Mi or Xiaomi Redmi. Is this about to change? We were going to ” no ” after the expulsion of Huawei and ZTE from the American market, but after buying a OnePlus and T-Mobile brilliant, we believe that if you find a company Xiaomi on the company calls, local or major department store local to help them enter the US market, this will be the party already.

Has managed company Xiaomi has already shipped 100 million smartphones this year, and have two phones Xiaomi Mi A2 and the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite elected VERY to fans of the East in the West because of the advent of them with the system of Android rough. The phone can Pocophone F1 also makes people wonder about the price of the phone OnePlus 6T.

There’s only one way to find out what will happen in this event, a socialist civilization which is what you can do here. If you are selected, you’ll get the chance to interview the team of Xiaomi, the guests of their representatives and “celebrity adults”. You’ll have a better chance in that tank if you live in the United States, which is a sure sign that the company wants to expand its presence in the United States.



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