Xerox introduces new updates for Altalink to strengthen information security in the workplace

Company offers Xerox Xerox –specialized in the field of printing services, digital transformation – a number of new solutions to enhance the security settings in the printer multifunctional Xerox’s AltaLink® Multifunction Printers, where these printers technology ConnectKey® the leading of Xerox, which is based reset the printer to factory settings in case of changed by unauthorized users, as well as to improve the user experience automatic by providing more options for groups large duty to medium which increase the ability to identify daily tasks in particular according to the status of work and productivity.

Enables procedures and security settings in printers Altalink officials of the Department of الـIT or responsible for the management of network services and information security office work, have more control over the printer settings the inputs and outputs that are traded on them.

This was stated by Tamer Abu-How – Marketing Manager Hardware office sex Egypt, said: “cyber security and information in a continuing threat these days, and we at Xerox are aware of the risk, so we work continuously to improve and develop the system of safety and protection at the hardware level and data secure file to support various institutions in their response to any cyber attacks.”

Added Tamer Abu how to : “reflect these updates that we provide for our commitment to Xerox Corporation to facilitate the business processes and the various processes, as well as to provide solutions to more advanced, secure information, and enhance the efficiency of Information Management and the productivity of the workplace.”

Through the control system to the new setting “Configuration Watchdog” which is available in the printers AltaLink, can the officials of Department of IT or responsible for the information security of your workplace, ensure the survival of the devices in procedures and security threats specific to protect business data and network infrastructure, without resorting to any methods of external observation. And administrators about the standards and to ensure safety to monitor up to 8 of your security settings, if you change any of these settings are not authorized the surveillance system to report about this change, as well as live settings to their previous state. These improvements to the development of the information security in the workplace and is consistent with the standards of the NIST 800-171 International, for example it is generally accepted in international organizations and non-federal.

To provide further protection, the devices include AltaLink in support of the programme of the print management ThinPrint, which features the ability to encrypt data end-to-end, in addition to the pressure of the print data and the flow it efficiently, which helps in achieving better results.

It also provides printers AltaLink new features to save time, such as Customizable Home Screen that enables the screen printer of organizing daily tasks and classification of most used applications in order to facilitate access, and 1-Touch App which specialty abbreviations for processes with long steps which it is possible to copy them is also to share more than a printer, and, lastly, support the printer feature Fleet Orchestrator to which you are applying the adjustments and updates made on one printer to other devices automatically, which saves a lot of time.

It is possible to get these updates from this link.

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