X device from Samsung will get a higher price than you expect much

Revealed the source of Korea Wednesday that the announcement of the Galaxy X rollaway would be during the events of Mobile World Congress, held February 2019, the delightful scheme of Samsung without any obstacles.

The source reported, that the components of the Galaxy X will be released to Samsung in November to begin the assembly stage recently of the same month and even the beginning of December, in an attempt to allow the phone on sale in the month of February. But the Korean giant may decide to postpone the disclosure of the phone if you don’t get experience to use it to optimum levels. In any case, you will have an initial annual production in the range of 300-500 thousand units Markets Limited cost 1,850$ (6,940 SAR) unit to test the market reaction.

The source says that the Galaxy X will be a 7.3-inch in non-folding shrinks to 4.5 inches when folded. He stressed the probability of the official announcement of the Galaxy S10, during the Consumer Electronics Show held in January 2019 in order to make room wait for the phone rollaway which will depend the possibility of entry or an upgraded version of the phase of mass production on the receptiveness of the audience.

Source: SCMP

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