WWDC 2013: the good intentions of Tim cook…

Left Steve something like a spiritual will or not is unknown. If in the will were instructed Tim cook to lead Apple through 2021, and then give the job to Scott Forstall that by the time “ripe”… from time to Time Steve’s done so far accurate predictions, sometimes it seemed like he just knows what will happen then. An alien from the future? Fortunately, upon closer examination, this version is not supported. Steve made mistakes, which simply could not be, had he known the future.

The failure of Apple Maps (which, in fact, “just Maps” – and what does any more?), strange tenacity (obstinacy) Scott Forstall in defending his vision of the situation. We know only what is told by the winners in this battle.

The period from November 2012 to June 2013 was generally one of the most dramatic in the history of Apple, rich in adventure. During this time, the company has not released any significant product or upgrade, and all was silent (speech cook to investors Goldman Sachs is not in the bill, especially because nothing particularly new, he said).

When, on 24 April, Apple announced that the next developers conference will open at 10 a.m. PDT where always in recent years, at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, many breathed a sigh of relief.

Retell the event will not, see for yourself:

Video (Duration: 01:59:32):

About some of the announced at a press conference on the opening of WWDC 2013 will write separately. Let’s talk about pre-event, event and what is left over – but it was even more important than all that is presented in that day together.

The big Bang and its consequences

the iPhone was just another device. App Store – another service sales. Presenting to the world the App Store and including it in the application kit operating system, Apple was hoping for success but the result was even more dramatic.

Began the intensity of reaction similar to a nuclear explosion. Apple is hoping that this bunch will be effective, but the effects surpassed all expectations.

Digital fever, barely begun, on the order exceeded all the gold fever of all previous eras in the scale and inevitability of the blast wave, it crushed the old – established world-it will never be the same as before, but it was a very kind and generous creative explosion, never before has the average person in the street did not have such opportunities.

There were also affected. Thousands. To assist them had to be the culprit of all this, Apple.

Worldwide developers conference (WWDC) was almost the only place in the world where you can learn important details about the present and future of iOS technologies to obtain advice from developers of the system and its technologies, they are also helped to cope with difficulties in code customers. At WWDC, Apple has stopped all development, because the best of the Apple engineers were busy at the conference.

In 2009 (a year after the launch of the App Store), this happened for the first time in the history of WWDC: tickets can not buy everything. They were sold out within one month. And it couldn’t be done. Such a demand could not warm feelings, but the lack of tickets was a serious problem.

Number of tickets limited to the capacity of the conference center, Moscone Center West was the capacity on the West coast of the United States – which since 2003, WWDC was held here.

In 2010, tickets for the event were sold for 10 days, in 2011 – twelve hours, in 2012 they went beyond two hours. Smart guys bought them wholesale and sold to the thirsty three or four prices – but the essence has not changed, the demand exceeded supply.

Those who never managed to get to WWDC, was furious. Apple needed to find a solution, the situation became unbearable. In 2013, Apple tried a new trick: in April 2013 on the spot (online) and time of the beginning of sales announced in advance.

Sales began at the appointed time, and tickets were sold out in 71 seconds. Two minutes later at the designated place and visitors were welcomed here this message:

Did someone fish in troubled waters or not – is unknown. I think that had.

Apple has done everything possible to minimize the damage: that prior to 2009, it was strictly confidential, was now posted to the website. Video of all sessions of the conference, presentation slides in PDF format.

First, access to these videos is provided for a fee, starting from 2010, the money for it do not take, require only free registration for developer.apple.com. And consent under the obligation not to disclose confidential information. To tick in check-box.

We consulted with lawyers in case of violation of the conditions of registration Apple had the right to prosecute the violator under the law. Read the violator the rules or not – still.

Information “tech” as far as I know no one was punished – the situation was almost hopeless.

Permutations and their consequences

Presentation of new versions of OS X and iOS held Craig Federighi. Including iOS, more recently, the area of responsibility Scott Forstall. Moreover, Safari for OS X and iOS represented the same Craig. Safari was created (a web browser is it?) under the leadership Forstall, and until 2012 he was in charge of this project.

During the presentation of the new version of OS X, the hall burst into applause: the design was no longer intricately decorated with imitation of real objects, have become stricter and cleaner. It was the style of another “artist.”

At a press conference a couple of times hinted at the incident changes in the leadership of Apple is not bringing them to the attention of the public: now for all kinds of design meet Jonathan Ive.

To design iOS 6 had a lot of complaints: in some places he was unsuccessful, some places are not too consistent, “thingies and little extras” in kindergarten style (Contacts, for example) just annoying. iOS needed a face-lifting.

But the face-lifting from Quince, accompanied by clever words to focus users on content, simplicity, and purity, the clarity, in my opinion, if they overdose, almost worse than fighting.

No, at first I liked it. Before it became a reality given in sensations. The main thing in the profession of Converter world time stop.

And all types and forms of software are now controlled by Craig Federighi. Claims to it seems to be no, but Tim cook noted that Ive and Federighi coordinated with each other every step and collaborated. The idyll?

Tim in every way, with the best of intentions, created a peaceful atmosphere in the Apple, eliminating the conflicts and confrontation. At first glance – great. But when Steve Apple was different from all the others with unpredictability and shockingly beautiful solutions to the problems had no solutions.

No magic, no aliens that are not required: the company has set in motion a violent clash of many ideas in the development of any important project is similar to the armed conflict with the use of heavy weapons.

Only Steve could feel comfortable in this cycle, it was filtered “is just” out of this bubbling brew.

Apple is driven by a potential difference, it is now disconnected from the sources of this difference. WWDC 2013 is a public presentation of the first step of the way.

About Apple Maps

On the infamous debut of Apple Maps, on the letter of apology to the victims from them, about the billions of dollars spent on damages was not even a hint.

Instead, Apple Maps became part of OS X Maverick, aka Mac OS 10.9.

Don’t know, maybe “debriefing”, with demonstrations of corrections and the strengths of Apple Maps could restore their reputation. But those who headed a huge company, perhaps, still visible.

Perfect map-making is not, and never can be. Planet we have a fairly big, and every minute in different areas of its surface changes. Just don’t take into account. Maybe someday it will be possible…

To be continued

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