WSJ: the company Tencent is interested in benefiting from its partnership with Nintendo to promote success in America


We did transfer to you the reports which referred to the cooperation between the two giants of the Japanese Nintendo and Chinese Tencent to sell your Nintendo Switch in the Chinese market. Well, today we have more details about this cooperation, by a new report from the Wall Street Journal famous.

In the beginning, make a report on the details of the agreement between the two companies, and mentioned that both are not expected to be the Chinese market big or very important into Switch at this stage, as most of the sales there are tied to personal computers or smart phones because of the ban, which lasted on home appliances for many years, however, Tencent has promised Nintendo sold a few million of the devices at least in China during the life cycle of the device.

On the other hand, Tencent is not interested in developing games license characters into famous like Super Mario in China, because they already speak the Chinese market and controlled, they want to take advantage of new and experience into the development of games and to cooperate with them to enhance their successes in the US market.

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