Written service games Apple Arcade break through the barrier of 100 game

Apple Arcade

Broadcast service of cloud gaming Apple Arcade of Apple has just added six new games to their library, which helped her to break the barrier of 100 game. This is a lot based on the standards of mobile games.

Games six new are Sociable Soccer and UFO on Tape: First Contact and Takeshi and Hiroshi and gildlings and Discolored and Marble It Up: Mayhem. Game UFO on Tape: First Contact in particular looks interesting to a large extent. It’s a game based on augmented reality technology, which is the sequel of the game UFO on Tape, which was launched in 2010 for iPhone. Encourages you to this game to search for UFOs in the sky related to the video.

So, if you love mobile games and owns a device running iOS, you may not be participating in the service of Apple Arcade vs 4.99 USD a bad thing at all. The library grows continuously, so you may spend a lot probably if you bought each game separately.


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