Write scripts or long texts? Look for these apps for Android

Creative writing is a skill that develops over time. But as they say, great ideas come in random places. What if at this moment you will not be notebook? That’s okay, because you always have your smartphone. So, here are some apps that will help your creative impulses does not remain only in your mind, and turn into real work. Or at least in his eyeballs. And just to make a note with the help of specialized software it is very convenient.

In order to give vent to his creativity using a simple smartphone

The contents

JotterPad — the Most popular application for writers

The most popular app in this category is perhaps the JotterPad. The program has a simple and intuitive interface as well as synchronization with the cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. So your recordings will not be lost. The app is free and its features are quite enough for comfortable work. However, there is a Pro version that allows you to change fonts and gives a couple of minor “Goodies”.

Download: JotterPad

The Narrative Nods — a Full-fledged scenario editor in my pocket

This app to create full stories or scripts, but with much more advanced options than the previous program. First, you can not just take notes and write the story, but also to add characters in a separate tab. Of course, synchronization with cloud services present.

Download: Narrative Nods

Writer Challenges — a Source of inspiration

The main concept of Writer of the Challenges is not just to provide you a space for creativity, but “pop” themes and scenes, so you can take them for a basis and on it to build their own story. Or you can just write in the application ideas for future projects that you plan to develop in the near future. While you are thinking about them, we recommend you to look at our page in Yandex.Zen. Perhaps you will find inspiration there. Well, at least you will know something new.

Download: Writer Challenges

Wattpad — Library of books as a gift

Wattpad — this is not just an app for creating notes, but also a huge library of books where you can draw inspiration. So at least to pay attention to this cost. As for the “writing component”, then you are invited not just to take notes or record, but also “sketch” variant cover or a couple of sketches to your future work.

Download: Wattpad

Penana — the Opportunity to not only write the history, but also to win a valuable prize

Penana very similar in concept to the previous app. Here in addition the direct functionality of the program also has a very extensive collection of literary works available for download. But there are a couple noticeable differences. First, it is an opportunity to share their creativity with the community and, consequently, to download and read stories of other users. Secondly, on the platform of this application often contests with valuable prizes. However, the latter is important mainly for stories written in English. On the other hand, Penana is a great incentive to pull up a foreign language.

Download: Penana

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