WPA 3.. a new technique to protect your wireless network from the hack

If you are exposed or fear exposure to penetrate your Wi-Fi network, you may now not afraid of such things after the detection of WPA 3 new technology to protect networks, Wi-Fi in routers which will protect better than ever to become a Wi-Fi network to your safe finally.

Since the advent of WiFi networks as far as it can be an essential part of our life has known also the possibility of penetration, where it was known that the protection of your Wi-Fi network does not carry the router from the hack. This hack is not available for connect your router directly to figure out the password to your Internet use, contact the lab group to your network means that there is a possibility to steal your data various which expose you to significant risk.

And slow it will replace the protection of WPA2 and anecdotes of the former to the protection of the WPA to 3 So don’t expect any form of a quick replacement for Wi-Fi which are used to protect a WPA 2 which is produced during the 14 years during a short period, but it certainly is the mission, first to cast everyone with the time, while changes in hardware and software would be a start. prior to the issuance of routers new supports WPA 3 in the markets.

With the reveal of new protection has been divided into two types, the first custom home and the other is WPA 3 Enterprise the business and the uses to which you will need insurance as will protect the best of the first type. The new technique offers a new protocol to secure your password supports SAE or Simultaneous Authentication of Equals who will make you Write a password without worrying of connection to the other network your.

Also provide technical protection of the New a new feature called Easy Connect that supports the connection of various devices to the internet easily, which can be small devices that do not contain a screen like some of the iot devices connect to Wi-Fi easily by scanning the QR code on your smart phone to call it is a wonderful step to make the devices hardware relate to the Internet will be the users of the devices to the Internet of things significantly either currently or in the future. Are you excited for this technology? Tell us in the comments.

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