Would like a rental Car? Aweber allows you to so soon

Think uber to launch new services to additional In addition to the services offered by a car rental service and electric bicycle service and other to book a bus ticket through the app. During the event in the city of Washington, D.C. revealed Dara Khosrowshahi Executive Director of the company for the company’s vision aweber future and looking forward to a big company.

Uber Bike

According to news that appeared only since the days of the company uber has already captured the services company Bicycle small Jump, a deal offering size of $ 100 million, according to the rumors and that uber now has 12 thousand electric bike in 6 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the city of Washington will be the first city that will provide rental service for electric bikes, a service mostly will be Uber Bike as also stated in published reports.

Uber Rent

The new service is the second offered by uber is a car rental service, a service Uber Rent will be the rental car for a short duration, offered by the company thanks to the collaboration with the startup Getaround. With the service principles in the heart of San Francisco this month to be circulated in the USA until the end of the year gradually.

Uber Transit

As for the second service, a service transit or booked public transportation, they don’t look like coming as the Uber Transit where it doesn’t seem the best, but what we do know about it they will form a union between aweber and Masabi which offers the same service that seeks to aweber to be submitted. The company is headquartered in London services to book transportation for a number of cities from American cities.

Certainly will see new services is a big step for the company but it also will depend on how development however, they must be very careful especially while fighting the police attack of the mission and on behalf of the #DeleteUber in addition to know the services of the company shut-off in a number of cities from the British capital of London.

At the same time working uber with the utmost seriousness to the development of self-driving cars to put itself in a leading position among the companies that experience these cars where the company now the number of cars that drive themselves without a leader in a number of American cities.

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