Would China be the first to enter the era of public transport is self-driving?

هل تكون الصين أول من يدخل عصر وسائل النقل العامة ذاتية القيادة ؟

On the sidelines of Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2019, in Las Vegas, announced “Intel” about buying a pool by my company. “Beijing public transportation” and “Beijing Betar” and aiming to provide public transport facility in the Chinese capital Beijing by a technique to report the first bus for public transport with driving without a driver a human by the year 2022.

Will work on the implementation of the partnership one of the arms of the “Intel”, a company Mobileye, which develops integrated technology solutions that include the processing “hardware”, the means of wireless connectivity, as well as systems software “software” needed to run those widgets Smart self-driving.

Will be able to the company “Beijing public transport” from the supply bus by the current and future this new system integrated, which will include cameras, sensors, navigation system, satellite modems supporting the fifth-generation mobile networks, as well as software system to manage the whole system, what would make it possible to gradually convert a company’s fleet full of buses of public transport to gradually become bus-driving.

It is here noted that the company “Beijing public transportation” is one of the largest public transport operators in the world, where the company owns more than 29 thousand and 500 public bus cruising the Chinese capital over 1020 different plan the company operates a service to the Chinese capital since 1947. In the case of the managed experiments to move towards self-driving buses public transport in one of the most capitals of the world populous, it is in my estimation it will happen by association, certificate of validity of the complete solutions self-driving buses public transport in the world.

Protects the technical solution of the integrated, which will begin the first tests in 2022 in the roads of the Chinese capital, the Mobileye AV Series, the properties of artificial intelligence that advanced will be the need of with the ability to act in scenarios of leadership of a complex, including dealing with human error is received from the other cars on the road driven by people.

It is worth mentioning also that the company Mobileye, which has developed the system is an Israeli company founded in 1999 in Jerusalem, the West achieved international fame after having used the company “Tesla – Tesla” by a technique in the design of systems for self-driving in its electric car, before you take the “intel” on the company’s 2017 in a deal worth $ 15 million dollars.

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