Working Sep for 2Miners: the forks ETC, ZCL and RVN, problems of Ethereum gas and delisting DBIX

The first month of autumn for the cryptocurrency market has been saturated. Over the coins again faces the threat of ASIC-miners, because of what the team ZClassic held a fork. Today — first of October — the example of colleagues will follow Ravencoin. September was memorable for the high commissions in the network Ethereum and updating Ethereum Classic. Remember what else happened.

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Fork Ravencoin

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Today at 19:00 in Moscow will take place the fork Ravencoin. He needed to change the hashing algorithm on X16Rv2, which will save the network from the dominance ASIC. Prior to that, Hasrat cryptocurrency seriously increased, which proved the presence of ASIC and FPGA.

The reasons for the dislike of miners to ASIC and a list of actions for fans of RVN is described in our article “network Ravencoin will be a fork. What will change and how to prepare?”. We recommend you read.

In General, the miners RVN is necessary to update the software — it is recommended to install the latest version of T-Rex 0.14.4. The archive with the updates are traditionally available via the link, password 2miners.

Looks so basic .bat file with auto. That is, with him, the miner will automatically switch to the new algorithm after the fork.

t-rex-a x16r --fork-at x16rv2=2019-10-01T16:00:00 -o stratum+tcp:// YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID -p x

If you plan to start mine RVN immediately after the fork, use this simplified line.

t-rex-a x16rv2 -o stratum+tcp:// YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID -p x

Important point: in the T-Rex a new algorithm called x16rv2.

The division of Harrachov Grin on 2Miners


Good news for miners Grin on mining-pool 2Miners: now hesreti algorithms Cuckarood C29 and C31 Cuckatoo divided, that is displayed separately from each other. Now you can see what algorithm digs miner.

Mine Grin on 2Miners can be in two modes:

And it looks like the updated schedule.


Delisting DBIX DubaiCoin

Mining-pool 2Miners delisted DubaiCoin DBIX first of October, that is today.

The reason for the lack of progress in the development of cryptocurrency. Against this background, the exchange rate fell, and the mining DBIX disadvantageous for the miners and for the pool.


By the way, to find the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining will help yield calculator 2CryptoCalc, recommend.

Atlantis — hardwork Ethereum Classic

Source: 2Биткоина

Atlantis is the first additional improvement in Ethereum Classic. Hardwork was successfully held at unit 8 772 000 (September 12) and added to the blockchain ETC a lot of improvements.

Read more: the Developers of Ethereum Classic will hold hardwork Atlantis. Why is it needed and what will change?

The procedure went smoothly without split chains and other such problems for the miners.

Hardwork ZClassic ZCL

Hardwork ZClassic took place on the block 585318 (4 September). ZCL passed to the hashing algorithm Equihash 192.7.

Hardwork saved network ZClassic from ASIC, so cryptocurrency works again solely due to GPU miners. In addition Equihash 192.7 unavailable at the service of renting computing power NiceHash, so the blockchain ZCL protected from any possible outside influence. For mining ZCL download the latest version of Gminer. Or, select our files, password — 2miners.

.the. bat file to the new algorithm looks like this.

miner.exe –algo 192_7 –pers ZcashPoW –server –port 2020 –user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID –pass x

Mine ZClassic on 2Miners also can be in two modes:

Important point: after a hard forks ZCL is almost always in the top of the calculator profitability of mining 2CryptoCalc. In September, the coin added on the cryptocurrency exchange HotBit.


Increase the maximum limit of gas in blocks of Ethereum

2Miners together with other leading Ethereum-pools voted for increasing the maximum limit of gas in blocks up to 10 million.

This will help the network accommodate more transactions in each block that will lead to growth of remuneration per unit and increase network bandwidth. This process is governed by the Ethereum miners. With their help, pool 2Miners supports useful suggestions from the community.


Follow the news of the pool on Twitter. Also feel free to drop by the chat users 2Miners and ask any questions.


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