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Facing Facebook’s new problems in relation to the currencies of its digital named Libra Libra, as the company should not launch that work to prove to Facebook that they are safe and secure, according to a report issued by the largest economies in the world.

Warned the report issued by a group of seven G7 – in a blow to the giant of social networking – that of crypto-currencies such as LeBron pose a risk to the global financial system.

The draft report presents the nine major risks posed by these digital currencies, warning that even if stuck supportive they LeBron fears, you may not receive project approval from regulators.

This warning comes just days after the withdrawal Paypal Mastercard Mastercard, Visa Visa, eBay, Stripe of project Libra Libra, referring to the uncertainty of the executive.

The task force comprises of the group of seven that prepared the report, senior officials of central banks and the International Monetary Fund and Financial Stability Board, which coordinates the laws of the economies the group of twenty.

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And the task force: the supporters of digital currencies such as LeBron they should be legal, although protect consumers and ensure not to use the currency for money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

While the report, which will be submitted to finance ministers at the IMF Annual Meetings this week – not to mention LeBron is single, but it shows that crypto-currencies are designed to reduce the volatility of the price with the possibility of rapid expansion constitute a set of potential problems.

Relieve crypto-currencies are designed to reduce the price like LeBron on the work of other encoded like bitcoin, because it is tied to a basket of currencies fixed as the dollar and the euro.

The report also warns that LeBron might stifle competition between service providers other, threaten financial stability if you have users suddenly losing confidence in the digital currency.

Says the draft report: considers a group of seven that he should not start any project for a coded designed to reduce the price so you address challenges and legal risks and regulatory oversight adequately.

As the cast report cast doubt on the feasibility of the project even if the supporters of LeBron dealing with the concerns raised by governments and central banks.

The report says: the handling of such risks is not necessarily a guarantee of regulatory approval, and need a Facebook audit of intensive international for its encrypted, and Facebook has warned that the regulatory scrutiny could delay or impede the launch of the LeBron.

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