Women’s top end models of the Mac Pro 2019 new may cost consumers up to 50 thousand USD

Mac Pro 2019

The Apple lately, detects Mac Pro 2019 the new, as we have said before, it’s not cheap at all. note that it cost starting from 5999 USD. This means that in case if the client decides to get this computer with the specifications of advanced technique, it is assumed you have to pay a larger sum, but to what extent will the cost of weaving the finest of the Mac Pro 2019 is? Well, didn’t Apple after viewing this computer for sale, which means we are not sure of the cost of other ingredients, but I have a website The Verge estimates may amaze.

According to The Verge, it is considered that women are the finest of the Mac Pro 2019 with the screen of the Apple Pro Display XDR new could cost you up to 50 thousand USD. According to estimates of the location mentioned above, it took the basic version of the Mac Pro 2019, they said add 12 additional units of RAM DDR4 ECC adult size 128GB which adds 18 thousand USD to the total cost.

As the site by adding two units of memory storage SSD that has a capacity every one of them 2 TB, which cost more than $ 2,400, as did the site upgrade the processor to Intel Core Xeon to Intel Core Xeon W which has a frequency of 2.5 GHz, which would be $ 7500 extra to the cost of the asset. As for the graphics, decided on the location choice of providing computer units of the graphics card AMD Radeon Pro Vega II, for which the total cost is probably 12 thousand USD.

All of these ingredients, you will pay around 50 USD to get the Mac Pro 2019 along with the new screen Apple Pro Display XDR. However, it should be noted that these figures are not official, but approximate figures, but suffice to say that the price of the basic version of the Mac Pro 2019 of $ 5999$ insinuate that any upgrade won’t be cheap.

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