Witness test servo Bugatti 3D printed at a speed of 400 km/h

Opened VW earlier this month a new center for the manufacture of parts of automotive facility, the main production vofiseg, will be used in the army, the most sophisticated of three-dimensional printers and the developer in collaboration with HP.

The Bugatti is one of the brands in the Volkswagen Group, which has considerable experience in the design of components 3D printed, and the company is now one of the parts printed, so it will be the first that is produced is huge.

In the new video, conducted the maker of the French car tests on the brake discs 3D-printed car Bugatti Sherwin hacks, which will replace traditional disk drives, where the engineers put the disks on the carrier trying to speed up to 400 km/h approx, and the big challenge is braking until a complete stop from such high speeds, and maximum speed, reached the temperature of the disks to about 1000 ° C, and even appeared like he already has.

It will take the manufacture of each one of these brakes for not less than 45 hours, in order to ensure its safety, the process includes placing the powder titanium with laser 400 watts, where the printer status 2,313 layer over each completion of the making of the brake, and then is exposed to elevated temperatures, and finally, the machines dedicated to the processing of its surface even works with high efficiency.

Is considered the biggest advantages of the brake of the new for those in the Sherwin-current is its light weight, because it is made of titanium, they are a lighter twice, which is what the aim of the company Bugatti is currently where you want to provide the largest possible weight to get the higher speeds in the context of its rule.

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