Without Internet.. 5 ways to help you out your phone in the travel

Now become easy to dispense travel guides are outdated, such as paper maps and dictionaries and their reliance on Android smartphones, there are many applications and tools that replaced them, which can be used without an Internet connection, which definitely provides a great deal of money, notably:

1 – The maps available without an Internet connection “Offline maps”

You can download maps easily for use without the internet connection, through the use of the Google maps application famous. They can locate you easily on these maps in the case of areas, run through the GPS. “GPS” and open them through the app, you should pay attention to that this kind of mapping does not allow knowing trends, the internet connection is required للhستفادة of this feature.

To analyze these maps, open the app and press the MENU button “Menu” and select the maps without an Internet connection “Offline maps”, and select the map area then press the “Done”.

Can be controlled in these maps, review, to enter on option maps without an Internet connection “Offline maps” and click on any map to enter it, then click again on it to open it.

2 – normal translation and interpreting “Google translate”

Provide Google translation service for regular and instant via the application of Google translate , the famous, as they can translate words and sentences easily from one language to another. If you have an Android phone runs Android 4.2 or higher, you can download the language support appropriate for offline use, and to download the application on your phone, open it and then tap on the MENU button located on the form of three horizontal lines, and claimed to translate without an Internet connection “Offline translation”, and the languages that you want to use.

To use the feature of transliteration, go to your phone settings and open the language and input settings, and press the corresponding button for writing to health from Google “Google voice typing” to implement them.

To analyse the language that you will use for trade or control in any application including application upgrade, Tap on the option itself and will provide a list enter them on speech recognition in Offline mode the “offline speech recognition”, and select the appropriate languages for you to download after clicking on the word “All”.

3 – application of guidance during travel

No need to worry in case of travel to any state, they can download applications that provide many different products to use to find out the nearest restaurants, landmarks, tourist, wood, cinema, theaters, in addition to find out the nearest ATM and train station or metro or bus through the use of feature positioning. The application TripAdvisor of the most popular apps that provide content can download it, and use it without Internet connection.

4 – find the points of connection Wi-Fi

If there is an urgent need to connect to the internet, thanks to the presence of many apps like Jiwire’s WiFi Finder, you’ll be able to find the nearest place or point of connection to the WiFi Free or paid, via downloading it on the phone and open it, pressing the MENU button and choose to download its database, so you can use it easily.

5 – maps, driving directions without an Internet connection

Application can use OsmAnd , to see the directions while driving in any place in the world, as the system uses the data to open street maps, which provides directions with high accuracy.

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