Withings unveils the bracelet fitness smart Withings Pulse HR, and 130$


The company Withings this week to disclose bracelet smart new fitness called the Withings Pulse HR. This bracelet, the new Smart is now available for pre-order compared to 130 USD on the official website to buy the Withings or on the Amazon store note that the shipping process will start after almost a month.

Includes bracelet, new smart Withings Pulse HR sensor of the heartbeat is able to figure out the 10 different activities automatically. This includes swimming note that this bracelet is able to resist water at the depth up to 50 meters. Unfortunately, this bracelet does not include a Global Positioning System GPS, but the GPS with your smartphone to track your run.


Helps you track the growth of ” Sleep Tracking”, and waking up the Intelligent ” Smart Wake-Up ” to adjust the sleep habits, and waking up without disturbing those around you. Another useful feature in this bracelet smartphone including display notifications from your iOS or your Android.

The battery used in this bracelet, smart able to hold out for 20 days maximum before you need to recharge. Can charge 80 percent of battery within an hour, battery, and entire within two hours. Feature the Withings Pulse HR so the structure of stainless steel and polycarbonate it also comes with the belts of the Silicon.




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