Withdrawal of the major defense companies work project Facebook Libra

Suffered the efforts of Facebook’s ambitious to create a digital world called Libra setbacks Sharp recently announced that major payment companies, including MasterCard and Visa, from leaving the project.

This announcement comes after other companies similar step, such as eBay and Streep Payments Digital in addition to PayPal, where the global executive in the broadcast concerns about the project.

The exit of these companies leave the project without any members of the co-chairs in the field of payments, which means that Facebook can no longer rely on the global player to help consumers convert their currency into the currency of the Libra digital and facilitate transactions.

Consists of the remaining members of the Vodafone and Lyft and companies of the capital estate and telecommunications companies, wired and wireless, as well as non-profit groups.

With it, she said Facebook it will continue in the evaluation will be a final decision by a number of factors, including the group’s ability to meet all the organizational expectations and required fully.

Recall that Facebook has announced plans to launch its digital in June 2020, in partnership with the member states. Almost immediately, the project faced scrutiny by regulators the public officials, which they raised some serious questions that we shouldn’t have members of the group after.

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