With the strength of the new iPad Pro are all very, very bad

Think about the blogger jerryrigeverything once that in their video mocking the smartphones, many of you have heard.

He has 2.7 million subscribers, and in General I would say that his videos still have some no benefit. If someone does not know, he typically spends three basic “test”: test of the protective glass, the test on the heating of the screen of an open fire and a test for bending.

The first two are in fact useless. Protective glasses at all the same and they are all scratched materials with hardness 6 on Mohs scale. Test the heating of the screen in principle stupid. And here is the test of bending allows us all to learn for free the ultimate strength of the smart phone that we already bought or are about to.

And recently, the lion’s share of phones and this was not a problem. Modern masthead and colorobbia smartphones mostly have a sufficient margin of safety to the hands of their bending was extremely difficult. I’ll note that this is true for the average person. Any conventional Denis Tsyplenkov, I think, will easily cope with any.

So today jerryrigeverything once published a review of the iPad Pro new generation. And… see for yourself.

Frankly, I was shocked. Yes, I had previously assumed that the durability is not as high as that of smartphones. Still form factor solves. But that’s it. It’s a failure. You can see that attached a very modest effort, then the tablet simply broke in half. Not bent, and it broke.

In General, if you already bought the iPad Pro or are about to, keep in mind. To carry him to be careful, and the house God forbid you sat on it.

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