With the gaming service Stadia is not as smooth as it may seem

As you read this, there is a high probability that I’m going to play some Far Cry 3 on my console. If you have not played this game, which was released back in 2012, you probably ever heard about the popular worldwide series from the Studio Crytek. Yeah, that title is already seven years old, but I still like to play it and, fortunately, in order to do this, I don’t need to make any special effort or to dance with a tambourine around the campfire, as I just have a disk with this game, which has everything you need to install and run. If I had no drive and was bought a digital copy, I could just download it, because after buying it forever becomes my own, and also can play without any problems. This is just one of such advantages that recently introduced service Google Stadia yet never dreamed of.

Most of the presentations at the game developers Conference and in subsequent interviews and publications various publications it was clear that the Stadia will be able to offer its users, and that it is, unfortunately, for technical reasons, not able. To use the new service will need a fast and stable Internet connection. Yes, Google has said that she would handle it and everything will work as it should, but let’s just look and analyse the real situation and figure out why with Stadia simply can not be so smooth as Google says.

The average player, in theory, should have access to the Internet, which without any problems will pull the broadcast of the game in real time from Stadia. Seriously, no one now talks about the stream in 4K HDR, as most will do 720p, because many people play for the game, for the sake of gameplay, but not for the graphics and new-fangled effects. Not everyone, of course, but most. Someone who came to it for maximum graphics settings, you may encounter unstable connection, lags, freezes and other things, but for most, this problem will not exist. Whatever Google said it understands that will not be able to “Stadia in every home”, as much as she could.

Problems with the Internet you do not exist if you are willing to go to all expenses.

Latency issues can actually be fixed by Google if it is everywhere install a small data center. For many players delay the game is even more of a problem than not the most modern graphics, and Google engineers are well aware of this. No one wants to press the button on the controller and then wait until the game deigns to take this action to respond. This can be solved by using a high-capacity communication channel or placing servers closer to the end user, and Google has enough technology and money to implement all of these.

Yes, Google has the money and the company certainly knows how to make them more. Just imagine the difference between what you paid for some game only once, and it forever became yours and the fact that in order to play, you are forced every month to give the company some fixed amount of their money. For anybody not a secret that services for the subscription creators bring much more revenue than one-time, albeit large, payment. Netflix and Spotify are not charitable organizations, they move the industry streaming music and videos forward, developing its Internet infrastructure, only because it brings them huge profit.

Any successful business must constantly continue to come up with new ways of earning more money. Subscription games is old news. Microsoft, Sony, Google, Apple – are just some of the companies that have broken in the development of game services by subscription. The problem here is not that I want to play all the old games that are cluttering up my hard drive. They remain with me, if only by the hard drive nothing happens, and I can play them whenever you want. But what about the next games in the series Far Cry and Elder Scrolls? If you are a fan of these games, just substitute their names with the name of your favorite game. Imagine that Bethesda, EA or any other AAA games Studio will refuse the opportunity to earn more money and will not go to a subscription model (pay regularly, and then you will be able to play). This does not happen, and that means you will be able to play your favorite game when the publisher decides you can play it. Has not made monthly payment is left without games.

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