With immediate Fawry … pause queues and pay traffic fines

Tried prior to search for a way to pay traffic fines, to comfort you, to stand for hours in queues?, the Yes, there is a way available to you, provide general authority for the cooperation with the company “immediate” Fawry electronic payments, where to pay traffic fines and to renew the license within 90 A and an outlet for the”immediate”, and even know more here are the steps..

1 – Login to the instantaneous position of the

Through the Google Search Engine, People type “immediate” and his official website, and a lot about its services, including the payment of traffic fines and to renew a driver’s license, but you will find it in the box (what I pay).

2 – select what you want.

On the main page, and specifically in (what I pay) you will find a sentence (services traffic), the bottom of the box many, box, traffic violations, and license renewal.

To renew the license, follow these steps

Call me 16421 and customer service officer will renew you license in the same call, by knowing your Social Security number.

Pay traffic fines

  • Select the port position of “immediate” closest to you through the map on the site “immediate”, the method is simple, all you do is move your index map to the place you live in and through him will guide you to the nearest branch to”immediate”.

  • Go to the customer service available in the separate “immediate” and gave them a national ID and digital painting, I will deal with you gently, but be ready, prefer to take a picture of the card number, write the part of digital or save well.

  • Don’t worry after completion will be delivered a certificate of irregularities to your home within just 4 days.

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