With application to Migrate to the New becomes the data migration among the Romans the custom easier

There is no doubt that Android users know the term the Romans “ROM”, generally for those who don’t know is an abbreviation for Read Only Memory has been adopted, developers and experts to allow by the Romans, and in this regard there are two types of Roman the first Stock ROM that comes preinstalled with any new phone, and the other Custom Rom “Roman custom”, which can be user customized Android and what he likes on his phone.

Apart from the advantages the Romans dedicated a lot of its disadvantages are few, there is a new application exists for owners of Roman custom which at first sight I can say that it is important and very useful too, and the app name, Migrate the owner of the task to migrate data and taking the backup of custom ROMs ancient Rome a new custom, where can this application do the following:

  • Applications such as “APK”.
  • All strata applications.
  • All app permissions.
  • Contacts as vcf.
  • Call log.
  • SMS.
  • Options virtual keyboard.
  • Screen DPI.

Thus this app works just like the rest of the backup apps, but it also includes some unique tools and special that will mainly experience the to restore all apps and their data.

In respect of the possibility to use it is very simple, Where in the beginning and after download the application from the store Google Play, select the data you want to transfer, and then you can directly reboot to TWRP, then the Romans dedicated new at this point, corrosive time, add files taken from the old Roman to be compressed in zip format, finally make sure that the powers of the root built-in to the Romans dedicated New once the screen flicker you’ll receive a notification to follow up the restore process, the All you have to do now is grant access to the powers of the root and be patient until everything is restored to your device.

Finally the application to Migrate is available for download on the store Google Play is free and full, more worthy to refer that the application is in a playful fight beta demo, so you may notice the instability of the app at this stage.

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