With a passenger bus.. take a picture for the Samsung Galaxy S10 weeks before its official release

Trading users of the network Reddit on the internet a picture taken by a passenger bus carrying a smartphone in his hand, strongly believed that the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10, expected to launch officially at the conference Samsung in San Francisco on February 20 next.

Health is the first of its kind that is captured for phone Samsung new, in fact, where the information available about the phone on the designs which revealed by Samsung, rumors of its successor, has confirmed the captured image expectations of pelvic pressure too for the phone, the design the front camera to the horizontal in the upper right side of the phone.

Commented one of the users of the website “Reddit”, it was alleged that one of the employees at Samsung, that the captured image of the phone the fact, however, it for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and the factor that holds the phone may be exposed to a lot of trouble by the preview of the phone in plain sight.

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