Wireless headsets Google Pixel Buds have become now available in more countries

Google Pixel Buds

In the month of October last year, the company Google announced wireless headsets Google Pixel Buds, from which come the beautiful design is fully in line with the design of the two phones the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Yet, the sky was wireless Google Pixel Buds are only available in the United States and Canada. However, this has now changed given that the company Google has now decided to make these headphones wireless available in more countries around the world. In fact, I have the Google Now issue wireless headsets Google Pixel Buds in each of Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom. When it comes to price, they are cost of 194$ and 179€ and 159 pounds, respectively.

To change, wireless earbuds new Google Pixel Buds look great, easy to use and. They also provide assistance through the digital assistant Google Assistant. Ear Headphones wireless new Google Pixel Buds have dream of unique women, which makes it convenient, safe and fast during use. The company has developed a Google all the control buttons as in a touch-sensitive pad on the right so as not to hang the buttons on the cord.

The process of charging and storing headphones Google Pixel Buds easy as well. It is possible to keep this fish in a small tray for pocket-size which delivers 24 hours of use additional. In order to connect it with smartphone, just Open box shipping near your smart phone that is running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher version with the digital assistant Google Assistant.

Users can touch the sky right at length to ask the digital assistant Google Manager play songs, making a phone call, Get Directions, etc. of other things from the Without to the need to pull out your smartphone from pocket. Can the digital assistant Google Assistant also alert users about the upcoming event in the calendar or on the incoming message. It can even read the message aloud to the user.

Headphones Google Pixel Buds also able to translate conversations in real time using Google Translate on the phone the Google Pixel. Users can narrow down the headset the right ear and pronunciations of the words such as ” helped me to speak French “. At the point in time at which the user, will be the speaker in the phone the Google Pixel running the translation in French out loud. If the person in the other party contained in the French language, will allow the other user translation through headphones Google Pixel Buds.


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