Wireless headset new custom gaming Alienware

This topic wireless headset new custom gaming Alienware appeared on Engadget.

The company disclosed the Alienware about the first wireless headset not dedicated to the games during the last week before the E3 event, it seems that the most important thing about this headset is it’s very comfortable in addition to to design it elegant, too.

Like many gaming headsets, look headset the new Alienware large size, and it’s light weight, which makes them very comfortable while wearing. I’ve also been packaging the frames the ear with a network sports works to get rid of the moisture, the company added the cover a soft texture to it which makes it look like the airbag.


As for the photo, been using surround sound technology the virtual force 7.1 Alienware. It is through the application of the headset from Alienware, will help you feature called re-sound to identify enemies and other hazards at the games based on sounds that are issued by. This will allow you to the app itself to customize lighting AlienFX on the outer part of the tires the ear, and you can also modify the sound of the EQ.

There is a mixer page in the right part of the behind the sky, there’s a microphone to isolating noise in the back of the left speaker. in addition to the buttons control the volume, and the bottom of the left pane there is a button to switch through the presets sound EQ in addition to the USB port for charging and a 3.5 mm for use wired. The lower part of the right side on the slot for a fast USB connection 2.4 GHz.

Unfortunately, there is no headset support to connect Bluetooth, and the sale of fish for the price of 230 USD.


This topic wireless headset new custom gaming Alienware appeared on Engadget.

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