Wireless charging, Smart Battery Case, AirPower – how to charge iPhone in 2019?

The usual charging cables, external batteries of different capacity, a docking station for charging multiple gadgets and wireless charging units in public places – today charge the smartphone, it seems, even in the most extreme conditions. And access to the socket is already optional – equipment manufacturers came up with a dozen varieties of portable chargers. Most of all, perhaps, the lucky owners of Apple’s smartphone is available to them these some unique methods of charging.

How to charge iPhone in 2019

Of course, the information about charging iPhone interesting only to their owners, and those who are soon going to get “Apple” smartphone. Buy Apple iPhone wireless charging at a reasonable price is possible on the website.

Induction station

To start a story about how to charge an iPhone, perhaps, is of the most familiar. All the latest models of Apple’s smartphone can be charged without a cable by using a special induction station (wireless charging). It is, unfortunately, not included in the basic set of mobile devices, so its users have to buy separately.

However, spend is still worth it, because to charge the iPhone without any wires is very convenient. It is important that the wireless stations are safe to use, despite the abundance of myths about the dangers of radiation.

Another popular way of charging the iPhone is considered the most “pregnant” or “bloated” case, which was recently released in a new version for the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. Now he has a more powerful battery, though the most discussed design of the case virtually unchanged. However, to complain about the visual features is not necessary, because the main thing is that the cover perfectly copes with functions of wireless external battery.


Smart charger, which according to forecasts will soon be freely available. Its peculiarity is the possibility of simultaneous charging of multiple devices (e.g. iPhone and Apple Watch), authentication of each connected gadget, sync smartphone calendar and system notifications about the time of Autonomous work.

Perhaps in the foreseeable future, the cupertinos will delight their fans and other unusual and efficient ways of charging branded gadgets. However, while users are quite satisfied with existing ones. And how do you charge your iPhone? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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