Wireless charger for Galaxy S10 will support fast charging 15W, according to the FCC


To Samsung slide the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the 20th day of February next. And even then, it turns out that these new flagship phones coming from Samsung, you get significant improvements on the level of wireless charging thanks to the wireless charger Samsung EP-P5200 which has been approved by the commission communication federal FCC.

This new shipper has the ability to input energy is strongly 12V/2.1 A. for comparison, the current wireless Samsung EP-N5100 have the ability to input and output power strongly 9V/1.67 A, this means 9W of energy and about 60 percent efficiency. And assuming that he is offered similar performance, we can expect the charging speed of about 15W in phones Samsung new flagship.

This means that the wireless charger will be able to charge phones Samsung new flagship the same speed as the charger wired Samsung Fast Charge current. And, apparently, the Galaxy S10 will use the same charging speed whether you are using the charger wired or wireless.


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