Wireless Charger Duo: In Russia began selling Samsung analog AirPower

In Russia started selling a wireless charging station for two devices called the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, reports the resource phoneArena. Accessory official release which was expected no earlier than August 9, suddenly appeared in the Moscow store and is already available for purchase at a price of 6990 rubles.

Wireless Charger Duo is essentially a simplified analogue of AirPower. However, unlike the Apple product, which is a single induction pad for simultaneous charging of three devices at once and in any sequence, the solution Samsung is just a couple of combined wireless memory.

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Since Wireless Charger Duo is just two of the charging area in a single housing, its purchase may make sense only in the case if you have multiple Samsung devices and used at the same time to put them on charge. Anyway, double charging will cost you at least 1000 rubles cheaper than two independent memory.

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