Winter flagships Samsung — before the New year. Image

Frozen Ice

For Christmas and New year, the company is striving to offer consumers something special. Reportedly, Samsung will enjoy the truly winter flagship smartphones. Because many users paid to the design features of mobile devices is not less attention than the characteristics of their hardware and software functionality. Smart phone today is not only a miniature computer but also a stylish trend accessory.

Version Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+ with an icy gradient colors presented on the markets of China and South Korea, will appear on other markets. Considered the flagship mobile device from the leader of the smartphone market will appear in December of this year in Germany (to start). Galaxy S9 will cost 849 euros, while the price of Galaxy S9+ — 949 euros, according to Ivan (Ivan) in the published resource picture note.

Difference Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+ Polaris Blue Ice Blue

Galaxy S9

The new version of the flagship smartphone with gradient colors, which is called Ice Blue, first appeared on sale in China and then in South Korea.

Galaxy S9

The only difference between the presented in the markets of China and South Korea models Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+ color Ice Blue versions of Polaris Blue, which will be offered on the German market, is in the options of built-in storage. Ice Blue was announced as a mobile device with 128 GB built-in storage, and designed for Germany market the Polaris Blue komlektu 64-Gigabyte drives.

Galaxy S9

Not a word was said about the fact whether the offer to consumers and also Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in color Polaris Blue.

In Telegram chat readers can discuss the flagship Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+ and other devices offered by Samsung company, is a leading supplier of smartphones in the global market.

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