Windows 95 returns on systems Windows, Mac and Linux as an application

ويندوز 95 يعود على أنظمة ويندوز وماك ولينوكس كتطبيق

The Microsoft operating systems by different windows, the period of the nineties needed for Windows 95, i.e., by more than 20 years, which was the first appearance of the Start menu, which I thought at the time of a paradigm shift.

It uses Windows 95 right now as a benchmark to prove the ability of modern hardware to run on any system it was, for example, was running on the Xbox One, smart watches such as Apple Watch, and Android Wear.

Varied experiences of developers and hobbyists in this field, to come Windows 95 today as the application can be downloaded on the devices and enjoy a moment of the past.

Has issued this app for Desktop, a developer of company Slack supports commandline Eisenberg, so that the application can be downloaded on both Mac and Linux and Windows, the app is available now on the website Github.

Wait size the app is 129 MB and is running only $ 200 Mega bytes of memory space RAM, when running at full capacity, extensions, apps, and games.

This seems to be the application opportunity to enjoy the Windows 95, and the memories of the last generation of the nineties, and of them forget Minesweeper, which was a challenge a fun time, and the glass or the paint program.

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