Windows 10 won’t be asked anymore to remove our selves USB safely


If you connect a USB memory stick works with windows and remove them from the after, you probably have got a warning message to the effect that it is likely that using the feature ” safe removal ” to take out the USB memory from the computer. This is due to fears that removing them abruptly can damage the data or cause errors because the USB key is still in use.

It was logical, even though it was annoying sometimes too. However, it seems that Microsoft won’t require users anymore, remove our selves USB safely on Windows 10. This is according to a support document on Microsoft’s official website on the web where you know Microsoft details about how to take advantage of water known as the rapid removal of the ” Quick Removal “.

According to Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” to run the policy operations of the storage in a way that makes the device ready for removal at any time. You can remove the device without using the process of Safely Remove Hardware. However, to do this Windows cannot store write operations on the memory temporarily. This reduces the performance of the system “.

Refer Microsoft to all their selves USB comparison computer literate in Windows 10 will be set on it are removed quickly by default, but users can move to the properties of the memory and change the setting to best performance ” Better Performance ” if they prefer the old way.


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