Windows 10 will soon, in conjunction with his power for accessories Bluetooth

Dell XPS 13

Users will be able to Windows 10 soon connect their computers to Bluetooth devices easily through a new feature that Microsoft began testing it in its own operating system. This feature on here that allows users to begin the process of connecting Bluetooth Accessories the treaty with computers, their own a single click. This would thus lead to simplify the process of connecting accessories to computers that are running Windows 10.

While the devices selected be ready to listen and be in the specified range, you’ll know Windows 10 users a notice that would allow them to begin the process of splicing. Will One-Click is all you need to do it, this means that it will not be required from users to open the settings selected section to add the Bluetooth device again.


The first device available in the market which supports this new experience is the mouse Surface Precision Mouse, a subsidiary of Microsoft, but the company does not plan to make this feature only limited to its own hardware. She’s working with other partners such as Logitech provide a seamless connection for accessories Bluetooth for other devices as well.

Microsoft began testing this feature in the demo version the latest Windows 10 that was released earlier this week, members in the experimental program Windows Insider. Will be put this feature for all users with the major update coming for Windows 10 which is expected to be released in March or April.



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