Windows 10 update Spring Creators will be released in the month of April next

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The company Microsoft is developing a major update coming for Windows 10, The Company revealed now when should we expect the arrival of this update. It is estimated that is the update version of Windows 10 Spring Creators in the next month according to Microsoft. Although the company did not officially reveal the name of the next update, but reports have already indicated that this update will carry the name Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

Microsoft has updated the public page System Windows 10, which is the page that became the indicate to date version of the major update next month is April, also spoke about their plans to support the OS until October of next year.

Will be finishing the development of Windows 10 update Spring Creators Update by the company before the end of next week. It usually takes a few weeks until an update once it passes this step, and here comes the release date of this update in the month of April.

It is worth mentioning that the Windows 10 update Spring Creators Update will bring with it many new features, including, but not limited to, support HDR content, schedule and Timeline, as well as some improvements to them. And Microsoft is already struggling to test the update which will be released after updating the Spring Creators Update with the flag that carries the code name Redstone 5, and it is still not clear at the moment what are the new features that will bring to the table.

Didn’t Microsoft even now a specific date for Windows 10 Spring Creators, but we now know that it will be released in the coming months.



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