Windows 10 on any smartphone with Android? Cloud service Huawei Cloud PC to help you

Is it possible to replace a smartphone a PC? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as a few years ago. For example, I personally the performance of today’s smartphones is not enough. And I’m not talking about games or intensive applications.

In production mode, I have constantly openly from 5 to 10-15 tabs in Chrome, and I used to work very fast when switching between applications and tabs occur relatively speaking instantly. But that’s me. What about the average user?

For most those the use of PC is limited by the same socialscape, messengers and utubecom. Actually, I have many average friends who almost completely ignored the PC and use only the smartphone. That such people are quite satisfied with the Samsung Dex the same or similar solutions.

In General to convert a smartphone into a replacement PC Motorola tried about seven years ago. Remember The Lapdock? But this idea was ahead of its time, as the productivity of iron was not enough and the optimization is poor. In General, with rare exceptions, this idea was forgotten for several years. To revive its tried Microsoft Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile, but the system rested in the Lord. Now we have Samsung Dex and a similar implementation at Huawei, but in all these cases we get a Android with shell “under Windows”.

But soon things can change. Huawei introduced the Huawei Cloud service PC, which allows you to run on a regular mobile regular Windows 10. It is implemented by the cloud service. In fact, we have access to a virtual machine with Windows 10. Moreover, the Protocol Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP) allows the OS to access files on smart. That is, I came home with instacure, put your smartphone cable to the monitor and immediately processed images in full photoshop! Yes, this has long been possible to implement by third-party software, but how many know about this? And then the service from the company that the world’s third largest smartphone market. If Huawei will actively promote this service, other manufacturers can also be tightened, and in a few years it will be the norm. What is not a PC replacement for a greater number of users?

Initially the service will launch only in China, since such implementation is very sensitive to ping. But later Huawei could host servers for Cloud and PC in Europe, because this market, the company is now actively captures. Also, while the stated operation of the service is only for smartphones Huawei P20/P20 Pro, Mate in 10, Mate RS and tablet MediaPad M5.

Do you like this idea? Would like a smartphone that come home become a full-fledged computer with Windows?

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  1. I suspect that you could be trying to play it safe with your post, but please remind yourself that the jucier ideas can make for healthy dialogue when argued respectfully and this IS your site after all, allow your views rule here!|

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