Windows 10 now lets respond to calls Android phones computers

Microsoft has released an update to Windows 10 which comes with a reply on calls to phones running Android through PC.

Use the feature to reply to calls the speakers and microphone and PC-so you can answer incoming calls, make calls, or reject, and update No. 18999 it is assumed that up to all users.

This feature can access a log of recent calls through the computer in addition to voice mail, transfer calls between phone and computer, and you can start calls from within your contacts, and if you do not prefer to accept the call, you can reply with a message.

Take advantage of this feature, you must be using Android System 7 up to your smartphone, in addition to a computer whether desktop or laptop running Windows 10 with the technical Bluth and application of Your Phone, while you may encounter a problem in the use of water, and you’ll need to cancel pairing your phone to the computer and re-pairing.

Source: blog Windows

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