Windows 10 can uninstall the updates that are facing technical problems

With that Microsoft is testing their updates enough before you send it to the users, but it happens that some of the updates problem I have some users, and in this case the operating system will Windows 10 uninstall automatically.

According to a special page technical support some of the updates may not be compatible with the user’s PC and no problems great technique, he is able to operating system to resolve, it will uninstall the update and undo it to move the sound earlier.

When you cancel automatic installation of certain updates, it will give the user this via an error message to the effect that the removal of the last update to restore the operation of the device of problems in the take-off, and so does not enter the device from New – download the update that has been deleted and is causing back problems, it will be postponed to download any new updates for 30 days which is long enough not to identify the cause of the main problem and solve it in the update before re-sending it.

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