Windows 10 being a feature run Android apps

Start Microsoft is testing a new feature to the application “Your Phone” on Windows 10, to allow the user of the Android displays the screen of his phone, on the computer running Windows.

Currently, the app allows quick access to messages, photos, just, but it will provide feature to view the phone’s screen this week for a trial period within the program Windows Insider, and therefore it requires the latest update version Windows 10 demo to apply Your Phone.

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Will Your Phone get Windows 10 to some of the Android apps famous and browse them using Bluetooth Low Energy, which means that many computers will not support the features in the trial period, but technical supports by surface forces.

Also, going to be the trial period confined at first on the Samsung phones Galaxy +S8/ S8 +S9/ S9, but Microsoft intend to support many more devices over time.

After the expiration of the trial period, scheduled to launch water latest versions of Windows 10 without asking support Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as support a wide selection of Android phones.

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