Window of a choice of web browsers, search engines, alternative start coming to Android users in Europe

Google Pixel 3a XL --

Last April, Google announced that it will commit to the implementation of the orders of the European Commission on the way that shipped by the company Android with Google Chrome and Google Search. In order to make the playing field fair for web browsers and other search engines, will provide the company users to easily download and install web browsers and other search engines.

It was scheduled to start implementing these changes within a few weeks, and now we have already started to see a pop-up window demanding some users install search engines and browsers more web on their mobile devices.


Revealed one of the readers of Android Police that the change announced by Google in the month of April last entered into force already, although it is not overlapping already now all over Europe, should be launched on a wider scale over the next few days. Once you get the update, a window will appear a new pop-up once you update the Google Play Store Your Will asking you if you want to install any search engines or web browsers other than a subsidiary of Google.


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