Win valuable prizes with the company’s products EaseUS possible to retrieve files and backup!

Celebrates company EaseUS now with the fourteenth on its establishment, was famed company programmes possible on computers, and custom in recover deleted files, backup files, manage and evaluate the difference steel.

اربح جوائز قيّمة مع منتجات شركة EaseUS المميزة في استرجاع الملفات والنسخ الاحتياطي!

Win valuable prizes with the company’s products EaseUS possible to retrieve files and backup!

On the occasion of this gold my company offers EaseUS Contest to the public, specifically owners of YouTube channels. He says those wishing to participate in the competition submit the application through the attached link and waiting for approval.

He says the joint work of the video period of not less than three minutes talking about one of the programs the company and the fourteenth anniversary on the establishment of the company, to have it the day before the 23rd August next.

Subscription link in the contest

As for the contest prizes are as follows:

  • First prize$ 500 or the iPhone 8.
  • Second prize worth$150.
  • Third prize$100.
  • 27 award of superior phrase for the licenses for the software company.
  • Winners are selected on the thirtieth among the owners of the most viewed videos and commenting.

Reduction programs EaseUS

If you are not interested in the programmes of the company, but you interested in their programmes, you can get any of its programs, reducing the value by 30% note that half the amount will be in your purchase will go to support education programs in poor countries.

Programs of the company are:

  • Program Data Recovery Wizard Pro to retrieve the deleted files.
  • Program Todo Backup Home to backup.
  • Program Partition Master Pro to manage hard heart and submit it.
منتجات شركة EaseUS المميزة

The products of the company EaseUS possible

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