Win: the most active off-exchange transactions to the crypt are in Russia

In may, Morgan Stanley sostavil the ranking of countries with the most active stock trading. The first place it took Malta, followed by Belize, Seychelles, USA and South Korea.

From the point of view of the trading volume on the cryptocurrency platforms since then, nothing has changed. According FINTECH companies Worldcore, Malta, Belize and the Seychelles still occupy the first three places on this indicator. In this case, the rating for OTC trading in the first place came Russia. The study leads “Kommersant”.

How to trade a crypt in Russia

According to analysts, the week in off-exchange trading in Russia processed transactions in the amount of 2 thousand bitcoins. Followed by the US and China with 600 and 1000 bitcoins in a week respectively. The top 10 includes Nigeria, Venezuela, UK and EU countries.

Exchanges trading volume is much greater — for example, marketplaces in the first three countries in this category per day process the transaction at $ 2.6 billion.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often registered in countries with concessional taxation, and OTC exchanges occur in countries with low financial culture or rigid tax laws. Due to the lack of direct methods of exchange in the countries of the second and third worlds (Russia, Nigeria, Colombia, Kenya) occurs through payment systems and banks of cryptoclub on Fiat money.

The fact that Russia took first place in the ranking of OTC cryptocurrency trading, can not but rejoice. Let’s hope that in the future the country ahead of Malta in the ranking in trading volume on the official sites. But you need to wait for the adoption of legislation. It promises to be in the fall.

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