Win money from YouTube and social networks using FameBit

Sure to profit from social networks is real, this depends only on the size of your audience and think about who is doing your accounts and pages, in addition to the nature of your audience.

Each account or page on these platforms capable of becoming a source of revenue and profits for the owners, and profits grow whenever you are influential and popular.

One of the services that can be used to profit from YouTube and Instagram, and social networks are FameBit.

  • What is FameBitfor?

Started FameBit her career in late 2013 with the mission of connecting users youtube famous brands to get ads and special advertising of them.

Proven marketing influencer already its value has begun major brands in the investment of real money, this is far from the traditional ads that appear on the video itself.

When everyone was rethink in the strategy of their digital marketing beyond the marketing basic started platforms and markets to emerge significantly, and the concentration of FameBit on the content of the video is different. Can lead brands deploy their campaigns on this region, with details about what they are looking for their goal of your advertising campaign, it can be trademark search for content creators who are putting specific criteria in mind and invite them to join the campaign.

Managed to FameBit to get media coverage featured some gravity, and then got the funding worth a million and a half of 5 different investors and this in the month of June 2014, by August they celebrated their success in the care of more than 1000 video clip of the different influencers on YouTube, with subtitles first a video clip to 250 thousand dollars acquired by the owners of those sections, creators.

By March of 2015 the company was FameBit Troy to reach 300 million subscribers, and participants persons who participated as trademarks or marketers looking for influencers. Most companies such as Canon and Sony and Adidas and other brands.

Currently includes more than 65 thousand the owner of the channels of YouTube creators and influential account holders social famous.

Through October 2016, by Google on the conclusion of the acquisition of this product, which is now one of the best platforms that connect influencers with marketers, but the problem is it does not support Instagram, this is a weak point for him especially and to the house of Facebook to meet the best in the results obtained by the marketers to work with influencers.

To now do not support FameBit Instagram this flaw its great for a lot of interested, otherwise they are professional, especially if you have a channel on YouTube, and want to work with companies and advertisers.

  • The costs of FameBit

There is not a fee for access per month to use Famebit this for to publishers, influencers and account holders social channels and YouTube, anyone can create an account and must meet the content creators to the minimum requirements of traders of 5000 follow at least one of their accounts social.

Deduct this service fee by 10% on what you pay brands, content creators, and the intersection of amount also of the profits of the publishers.

If you agree Brand the content Creator a deal worth US $ 100 content, You pay the brand $ 110, and the content Creator for $ 90.

Less budget brands can spend is $ 100 initially, and whenever they want to deal with influential senior had to pay even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • How it works Famebit for publishers and advertisers?

Works publishers and owners of accounts of social and YouTube channels to create accounts for them for free on the platform, and view information about them picture to add to the name and the nature of the audience as well as its size.

Each one of these has a profile ID or a profile on the platform, and can communicate with them by companies and brands or even invite him to participate in his marketing, and of course the Publisher approves or rejects the application.

No one imposes on the other’s cooperation and contracting as the process in the end the mutual consent of the parties the operators health in general.

When you register a brand for the first time, you are claim to start and create a campaign and then sit back and wait until it is put up proposals, but the basic system featuring more than 56000 of the originators to choose from, you will need to brand sure to survey the scene a bit and explore the influencers who will help her in achieving their goals.

Includes product search feature is advanced and help companies to find influencers elected, and search for them on the basis of geographical location or age group of the audience, sex or size of the access or the geographical location of the audience.

Unfortunately you can’t search for the name of a specific channel, and displays the search results quick statistics for each originator of the content, including Reach (which displays the total of all stores across all channels). But if you are looking for a creator enjoys a strong presence particularly on a certain channel, there is no any way to determine the your research to do this.

You can’t search only through the reach the total, then move on to the profile of each content Creator to understand the channels where it enjoys a strong presence.

  • The profits that can be achieved from YouTube channels using Famebit

According to our sources, the profit that can be achieved from a sniper has 100 thousand subscribers for each cooperation with advertisers using Famebit from 200 USD to 2000 USD.

Can be obtained from advertisers for some free products which can be displayed in the video, in addition to cooperation agreements, long-term.

Your presence on this platform in fact increases the possibility of receiving more than the width of the partnerships and collaborations with brands and profits that can be achieved from your youtube channel.


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