Win gifts for the end of the year and phone of EVO X’s I see with Macxdvd

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اربح هدايا نهاية العام وهاتف ايفون اكس ار مع MacxdvdWin gifts for the end of the year and phone of EVO X’s I see with Macxdvd

On the occasion of the end of the year and start the year new, the site offers Macxdvd three great opportunities to profit visitors sideburns shall be through the annual campaign of the site .

The gifts of the three available a very large number of visitors and readers, if you didn’t win one of the prizes will be your big chance too win the second or the third, with the high credibility of the site .

Page gifts you can share from here

First prize MacX Mediatrans Giveaway

Free, instead of the price of the original $ 60 you can get a license to software (iPhone Data Manager) for the Mac .

This program helps you to backup Quick for videos, photos, music, e-books, etc., to improve the storage space on your faith, or share and edit these files on your Mac conveniently. As also helps you transfer videos and music from the Mac to the faith to move freely during your holidays. In addition, the built-in tools automatically converts videos to a format that is compatible with iOS, and compress the file size of the video and create ringtone iPhone exclusive.

All that is required of you is to enter a valid email address of your own , and you will receive a copy of the license of the software for free, note that the free version does not include the free update of the program.

Second prize : win free coupons reduction of 50 – 70 % on all products of the company

Simply come in here and play the game luck press one and wait for the instant withdrawals to achieve the immediate reduction of between 50 and 70% on all products site .

Second prize : win Yvonne x see hours Apple Awards another great

Prize the most : a chance to win :

  • Phone Evo X. See
  • 4 hours Apple fourth generation
  • 6 devices Anker Portable Charger
  • Hundreds of software license MacX MediaTrans for a year

You are required to login here and write your email right and follow the page MacXDVD’s official Facebook and Twitter, and then share this page on your account in Facebook, winners will be selected randomly .

What are you waiting for to start to participate?

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